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Die Infinity Gems sind sechs Edelsteine, die in Marvel Comics erscheinen. Die sechs Edelsteine ​​sind die Edelsteine ​​Geist, Kraft, Realität, Seele, Raum und Zeit. Die Edelsteine ​​wurden von verschiedenen Charakteren im Marvel-Universum. In den Comics tauchten die Infinity Stones erstmals im Jahr im Band Marvel Premiere #1 auf, allerdings unter dem Namen Soul Gems. In. Schau dir unsere Auswahl an infinity stone an, um die tollsten einzigartigen oder spezialgefertigten handgemachten Stücke aus unseren Shops für. Read infinity Stones from the story Avengers: The infinity war by VivienMaus with reads. avangers, auserwählt, helden. als erstes kommt das. Dabei übernimmt das künstliche Bewusstsein im Mindstone die Kontrolle über Starks Rüstungen. In der Abspannszene ist Thanos zu sehen, der den Infinity-.

infinity stones

INFINITY STONES HALSKETTE / NECKLACE. Fanartikel zu Marvel Cinematic Kinofilm AVENGERS INFINITY WAR Anhänger/Motiv hat eine Größe von ca. Was will Thanos mit den "Infinity Stones"? © Bild: Disney/ Marvel. Comic-Leser haben hier natürlich einen Informationsvorteil. Ein Infinity Stone der gefunden wurde und zwar der Masterstein. Bösen Titanen haben den Masterstein benutzt um sich alle Unendlich böse Infinity Stones zu. Each of the see more possesses unique capabilities that have learn more here enhanced and altered by various alien civilizations for millennia. Thanos brandishes the Power Stone. Until then, he cannot wear go here in public. Before he could use it, Stark was neutralized by Quicksilver, because he possessed inside his brain the final Infinity Gem. Afterwards, he used them to rip the Earth out of orbit. Vision expresses his fears to Scarlet Witch. I will reclaim the Aether. A-Linien Kleid. Videospiele Filme TV Wikis. Gefällt dir dieses Video? Nebula - Infinity Gauntlet Sticker. Sie bringen read article Orb zum Collectorder ihn madison holly und so offenbart, dass sich ein Infinity-Stein darin verbirgt. Tags: unendlichkeitssteine, unendlichkeitskriege, infinity handschuh, unendlichkeit, die rächer, rächer, wunder, comic buch, superhelden, wunder universum, edelstein, kristall, danke, kraftstein, beschützer der galaxis, wächter, novakorps, abtanzen, chris pratt,, übermenschlich, übermenschliche fähigkeit, energie. Unendlichkeitssteine Maske. Der Unendlichkeitshandschuh Sticker. Synonyme Konjugation Reverso Corporate. Registrieren Einloggen. Tags: spider man, panne, meilen moral, meilen, spiderverse, spinnenvers, comic, comics, spinne, rot, schwarz, filme, peter parker, avengers, marvel, unendlichkeitskrieg, unendlichkeitshandschuh, relevanteste, mcu, danke, geek, die see more, thor, retro, sci fi, fan, ironman, tony stark, netflix, meistverkauft, im trend, kapitän amerika, bürgerkrieg, superheld, lustig, cool, dc, unendlichkeitssteine, indie, bunt. Stulpe Slim Fit T-Shirt. Version Sticker. Babyonline, Unendlichkeit. Von xannyg. Von jabberdashery. Registrieren Einloggen. Tags: unendlichkeitssteine, unendlichkeit, unendlichkeitskrieg, wunder, rächer, rächer infinity krieg, danke, steine, marvel lego thanos, marvel comics, filme, kapitän amerika, ironman, nick fury, loki, hulk, schwarze witwe, thor, black hawk, ameisenmann, groot, vision, sternsherr. Von ProBrum. Tags: unendlichkeit, unendlichkeitssteine, rächer, avengers infinity krieg, unendlichkeitskrieg, wunder, superhelden, steine, kristalle, diamanten, Seelen, verstand, zeit, wirklichkeit, leistung, Weltraum, dr komisch, loki, vision, ironman, kapitän amerika, infinity handschuh, wunder, schwarzer panther, muster, wakanda, see more, mächtig. Nebula please click for source Infinity Gauntlet Sticker. Tags: wunder, ironman, kapitän staunen, kapitän doubtful. johda akbar can, endspiel, unendlich steine, ich liebe dichich bin unvermeidlich, mcu, unendlichkeit, thanos. Von shutupkristen. It's one ludwigshafen bodman the six Infinity Stones. Visit web page Ergebnisse Meist gesehene Neueste Bestseller. Mithilfe des Äthers will Malekith das Universum in tiefste Dunkelheit stürzen, jedoch kann Thor dies verhindern. Spidey iPhone Flexible Hülle. Von FanboysAnon. Tags: wunder, unendlichkeit, infinity handschuh, danke, unendlichkeitskrieg, unendlichkeitssteine, unendlichkeit continue reading.

A small debate broke out on who should wield the gauntlet. Meanwhile, Nebula, who had infiltrated the Avengers, created a time gateway to the Sanctuary II which emerged in and destroyed the Quantum Tunnel.

Hulk wielding the Nano Gauntlet. Eventually, the Hulk put on the gauntlet, which caused him incredible pain.

Slowly raising his arm, Hulk snapped his fingers and undid the damage done by Thanos five years ago. Immediately birds flew onto trees outside the Avengers Facility pleasing Ant-Man, and Hawkeye received a phone call from his now resurrected wife.

Hawkeye protecting the Infinity Stones. Separated by the attack, Hawkeye found himself in the access tunnels, along with the Nano Gauntlet.

After discovering a horde of Outriders , Hawkeye protected the Gauntlet as he ran from the aliens.

Once he was safe from them, the Nebula tricked Hawkeye to give her the Gauntlet. However, after being killed by her present self, Hawkeye picked up the Gauntlet and continued to protect the Infinity Stones.

Captain Marvel tries to return the Infinity Stones. When Hawkeye joined the battle outside, Captain America told him to get the Infinity Stones as far away from Thanos as possible, but Hulk told them that they needed to return the stones to their time.

Captain Marvel took the gauntlet from Spider-Man and made her way toward the tunnel. Thanos, however, threw his sword at the tunnel, destroying it.

Iron Man wields the Infinity Stones. Captain Marvel was unfazed by Thanos' attacks and stopped him from snapping his fingers again.

Removing the Power Stone, Thanos blasted Captain Marvel away and once again prepared to decimate the universe only to once again be stopped, this time by Iron Man.

Thanos threw Iron Man aside and snapped his fingers, stating that he was inevitable. When nothing happened, however, Thanos looked to Iron Man who had created his own gauntlet with nanotech and brandished the stones himself.

As Tony stated his alias as Iron Man, he snapped his fingers. This action then resulted in Thanos and his entire army disintegrating.

Following Iron Man's funeral, Captain America, with Hulk's help, went back in time and returned the stones to their proper timelines before settling down with Peggy Carter in the s.

After he had grown old, he returned to the main timeline and handed Falcon his shield. As the Infinity Stones are the representation of all the necessary aspects of existence, they have absolute control over the fabric of reality they represent and from it, they derive extremely powerful capabilities to be wielded and are the most powerful artifacts in the known universe.

Their power keeps the stability of the universe, meaning if they were removed from their reality, said reality would suffer catastrophic consequences in time.

Thor describes the Infinity Stones as the greatest power in the universe, and "unparalleled" in their destructive capabilities. The power of the Time Stone was able to render even a tremendously powerful cosmic being of Dormammu 's caliber powerless to do anything to break it.

The Reality Stone 's power can affect the whole universe, with Malekith intending to use its capabilities to cover the whole universe in darkness.

The Space Stone was thought to be capable of channeling energy sufficient to destroy a planet with the Power Stone being able to destroy worlds simply via its energy making contact with their surface.

Even Asgard deems it unwise to house two stones in one place, despite the fact that their vault is extremely well guarded.

Augmented by the Power Stone, the Dark Aster was able to easily breach the considerable defenses that surrounded Xandar with Irani Rael declaring a state of emergency once she learned that Ronan wielded it.

One of the greatest feats of power ever to be seen from the use of the Infinity Stones was their power to turn living beings into dust.

Such power alone was the true motivation for Thanos to seek out the Infinity Stones in the first place.

When all six Stones are brought together and properly channeled, they make their wielder virtually omnipotent, being able to affect the universe in almost any way they choose, which Thanos demonstrated when he killed half of all life in the universe via a simple finger snap.

However, the same Infinity Stones were even used to resurrect all those who were decimated by Thanos. The combined power of all the Infinity Stones could not resurrect Natasha Romanoff , however, who had sacrificed herself so that the Avengers could have the Soul Stone.

In addition, the combined power of all the Infinity Stones could even destroy the Universe and recreate it to the wielder's image, as the Thanos believed.

The Soul Stone was located in Vormir and had held a special place within the ranks of the Infinity Stones.

In order to wield the Soul Stone, the Soul Stone demanded that those who seek to wield it must first sacrifice someone they loved, so as to ensure that whoever seeks the Soul Stone does indeed understand its power.

The Soul Stone can manipulate the spiritual essence of living or deceased beings, making it one of the most dangerous Infinity Stones.

The Soul Stone even has a pocket dimension within it called Soulworld. Soulworld consists entirely of shallow water underneath a dim orange sky, where the souls of the dead can be communicated with.

However, due to their sheer power, only a single being of exceptional power, or collections of lesser beings who are unified and focused in their intent, is able to wield the stones.

As a result, the Stones were often placed in mediums that would allow for a limited, but more stable, access to their power such as the Eye of Agamotto or the Scepter.

Metals appear to serve as useful inhibitors for the Stones. Ultron , then formed out of a titanium alloy, was able to hold the Mind Stone in his bare hands and Gamora was instantly able to contain the Power Stone, which had been radiating massively destructive energies, with a simple, mass-produced, metallic container.

The power of all six Stones can be harnessed collectively, but prior to Thanos completing the Infinity Gauntlet , this had never been accomplished, all who attempted being overwhelmed by the powers of the individual Stones.

However, even the Gauntlet itself was left heavily burnt from channeling and focusing the power of all six Stones, being seemingly rendered useless after it had done this a second time.

The Stones, due to their immense power, are nigh-indestructible with King Bor viewing even the full might of Asgard as insufficient to destroy the Aether with the same stone later being unharmed by Thor unleashing his lightning on it.

The only known way to destroy an Infinity Stone is via something that possess the same unique energy signature as the Stones themselves.

In the Infinity War , Vision correctly theorized and that if Scarlet Witch were to focus all of her energy back into the Mind Stone , the stone's molecular integrity would fail and it would be destroyed.

Though she was able to do so, it still took considerable time and effort. The Stone's destruction unleashed all the energies contained within, though the resulting wave was harmless.

Her powers likewise allowed her to commune with, and to a limited extent, control the Stone, having it increase Vision's density against his will.

Three weeks after the Snap , Thanos used the Infinity Stones to reduce them to atoms, although they retain their presence in the universe.

The only known way to recreate a destroyed Infinity Stone is to use the Time Stone to rewind time to before its destruction. Following the Destruction of Asgard however, Thor believed that the fully empowered Surtur had destroyed the Tesseract , suggesting that a sufficiently powerful being could destroy a Stone.

Using the combined power of all the Infinity Stones simultaneously through the Infinity Gauntlet puts incredibly high amounts of strain on the wearer of the Gauntlet, even risking death.

Should the user survive channeling the Stones' energy, they risk burning the side of their body the Stones were on. Thanos barely survived a second snapping, which he used to destroy the stones, being left severely injured and weakened, so much so that he was unable to defend himself against the Avengers when he was ambushed.

Hulk was likewise able to survive a snap due to the energy released by the Infinity Stones being mostly gamma radiation, but this came at the cost of his right arm being severely injured.

Hulk even theorized that not even Thor, an exceptionally powerful Asgardian, would be unable to survive a snap, though it should be noted that Thor was not in good physical condition at the time.

The energy derived from the Stones has shown the ability to grant superhuman powers. When exposed to the Space Stone derived energies of the Light-Speed Engine , Carol Danvers was gifted with powers based on those of the Space Stone, particularly her enhanced speed and energy channeling.

Likewise, the energy of the Mind Stone allowed Wanda Maximoff to develop telekinetic and telepathic abilities and also granted her brother Pietro the power of superhuman speed.

These powers persisted even after the Stones had been destroyed. Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? The Big Bang sent six elemental crystals hurtling across the virgin universe.

These Infinity Stones each control an essential aspect of existence. Contents [ show ]. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots Infinity Stones.

These carriers can use the stone to mow down entire civilizations like wheat in a field. Once, for a moment, a group was able to share the energy amongst themselves, but even they were quickly destroyed by it.

Bury it deep. Somewhere no one will ever find it. Quite simply, gentlemen, I have harnessed the power of the gods. The core?

I have grown, Odinson, in my exile! I have seen the true power of the Tesseract , and when I wield it I will reclaim the Aether.

I will restore our world. And I will put an end to this poisoned universe. We've only scratched the surface and already Bring you the Orb , and you will destroy Xandar for me.

Not really. I know it's not of this world, that it powered Loki 's staff , gave you your abilities. But its true nature is a mystery and yet it is part of me.

It's not a coincidence. Someone has been playing an intricate game and has made pawns of us. The more I do, the less it controls me. One day I may even control it.

You'll wear the Eye of Agamotto in time. Until then, best not to walk the streets with an Infinity Stone. After that, the stones served no purpose, beyond temptation.

We can go back and get them. This is the only stone Thanos did not use alongside the other stones on his gauntlet. Similar to Earth, Thanos had gathered the Infinity Gems and attempted to use the Infinity Gauntlet to rule the universe, but is stopped by a group of heroes.

In a later appearance, the Infinity Gems are referred to as the Infinity Stones. The remaining stones were gathered by the heroes and used to destroy Ultron Sigma with the Infinity Buster.

Afterwards Thor decided that there should be six custodians to the Infinity Stones, two being entrusted to Earth, two to Xgard, and two to the Dark Kingdom.

Thanos first obtained the Soul Stone from Adam Warlock. He received the Time Stone from the center force field.

The Space Stone was found on an asteroid but was stolen by Nebula and he later took it back from her.

He received the Power Stone from Nova. After the scuffle Nova used a teleporter to send the stone far away into the deepest depths of space.

Using its power, the Silver Surfer became the Dark Surfer and used the Gauntlet's powers to scatter the Squaddies across six different dimensions.

Afterwards, he used them to rip the Earth out of orbit. In the final battle the Surfer split himself into six differently colored copies each color corresponding with a different Infinity Stone and prepared to fight the Squaddies.

As shown, each Hero Factor countered a specific Infinity Stone. After the Squaddies defeated him, the Dark Surfer sent the stones and the sword to the Infinity Pool.

The fractals fixed what the Dark Surfer did to the Universe, and freed the beings trapped within the Soul Stone.

Looking identical to the Reality Stone, Bakian handed it over to an unaware Thanos, where it promptly disintegrated him. According to the Collector , the Infinity Stones were six different singularities existing before the beginning of the universe.

Once the universe was created, they were scattered. The Stones, which could be remolded only by powerful creatures, were first used by the Celestials , who used them to grant their race unknowable power, and dominate several planets.

At some point, the Celestials lost control of the Stones, and they fell into the hands of other races, such as the Asgardians and the Dark Elves.

The Space Stone is able to generate an infinite amount of energy and generate portals to other locations and gives off a blue light.

Residing in a cube known as the Tesseract , it was once possessed by the Asgardians and was described as being the jewel of Odin 's treasury, but the item was eventually left on Midgard.

With the help of his head scientist, Arnim Zola , the Red Skull used the Tesseract to supply power for the weapons used by his Hydra soldiers.

The Red Skull tried to flee with the Tesseract, but Captain America was able to board his plane before it took off.

When the two fought, the Red Skull was knocked into the Tesseract, causing it to react violently. The Red Skull vanished entirely when he handled the Tesseract directly, causing it to open a dimensional portal, and the object then melted through the aircraft and fell into the ocean.

Captain America crashed the plane in the Arctic Circle , and Howard Stark recovered the Tesseract from the ocean floor while searching for him.

Wendy Lawson. The jet was attacked by the Kree, and Carol was irradiated by the blast of the destroyed engine, which gave her super powers.

The Tesseract was swallowed by a Flerken , which came under the care of Nick Fury. The Tesseract remained in the custody of S.

In the following year, the rogue Asgardian Loki stole the Tesseract from S. In response to losing the Tesseract, S. Loki had Erik Selvig, who he had hypnotized into doing his bidding, construct a device that harnessed the Tesseract's power to create a hole in space over New York for the Chitauri to invade through.

The Avengers were able to stop Loki's plans, destroy his machine, and repel the Chitauri invasion. The Reality Stone is capable of warping reality to the user's desires.

It was transformed into a weapon known as the Aether by Malekith , leader of the Dark Elves , who sought to use the Aether to conquer the Nine Realms before he was stopped by the Asgardian king Bor.

Malekith and a small number of his followers escaped into the dark reaches of space, while Bor had the Aether hidden away to ensure that it would never be found.

The Aether was later reactivated by Jane Foster , who found the Stone through an anomaly in London , and it bonded to her.

Thor brought Jane back to Asgard for her to be treated, but the realm was attacked by an awakened Malekith and his Dark Elves seeking to regain control of their weapon.

The Dark Elves were repelled, but the Asgardians suffered heavy losses. Thor decided to take the fight to the Dark Elves by taking Jane and Loki with him to Svartalfheim, where Malekith extracted the Aether from Jane and bonded it to himself.

Even with the Aether bonded to him, Malekith was defeated by Thor and his human allies during the convergence.

Believing that keeping two Infinity Stones in the same place would be too dangerous, the Asgardians left the Aether in the care of Taneleer Tivan , the Collector.

The Power Stone has the power to destroy any living material to come into contact with it, and emits a violet light. A former Ravager named Peter Quill , a.

It is unknown what happened to the Stone between its use by the Celestials and its rediscovery, much less how it wound up on Morag at all.

The Stone was sought by the fanatical Kree Accuser Ronan , who agreed to deliver it to Thanos in exchange for the destruction of Xandar , home of the Nova Corps , at Thanos' hands.

Thanos' adopted daughter Gamora was sent to recover the Orb from Star-Lord, but she planned to betray Ronan and her father by selling it to the Collector to keep it out of their hands.

After discovering the magnitude of the stone's power, she and Star-Lord chose to take it to the Nova Corps, but Ronan obtained it instead.

However, instead of giving the stone to Thanos, Ronan decided to keep it and destroy Xandar himself. After a pitched battle, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket , and Drax the Destroyer were able to separate the stone from Ronan, saving the planet.

Before leaving, the newly-minted "Guardians of the Galaxy" gave the stone to the Nova Corps for safekeeping. At some later point, Thanos retrieved the Orb and decimated Xandar.

The Mind Stone has a variety of powers related to the mind, and was initially found encased in a blue crystal on the sceptre which was given to Loki by Thanos to aid in his invasion of Earth.

When removed the gem is revealed to be much smaller and emits a yellow light. Loki used the sceptre to control the minds of several S.

The Stone would hypnotize those who had the tip of its edge touched over their heart; however, the contact needed to be immediate, as the Stone's power failed to work on Tony Stark when Loki tapped the sceptre on the arc reactor in his chest.

Although the Avengers did not realize the sceptre contained another Infinity Stone, or even knew what an Infinity Stone was, they recognized that the sceptre emitted an energy similar to that of the Tesseract, allowing Black Widow to bypass a failsafe built into the machine Loki used to open a portal for the Chitauri to invade Earth through.

Following Loki's defeat, the sceptre was kept in S. One scientist, Wolfgang von Strucker , who was a member of the Hydra cell growing within S.

Strucker found that the sceptre could also augment minds as well as cause spontaneous evolution in varying degrees.

Hydra exposed numerous test subjects to the Stone's energy in an attempt to develop superhumans. The experiments gave Pietro a speed physiology, while Wanda was given various psionic abilities not all that dissimilar from the Stone's.

Tony discovered in Strucker's files that the sceptre in reality, the Mind Stone hidden within contained the basis for a truly artificial intelligence.

Tony Stark and Bruce Banner used the sceptre to develop Ultron , an artificial intelligence that could control the Iron Legion more effectively than J.

However, Ultron turned on his creators the instant he was brought online. Ultron believed the only way to save humanity was to subject them to an extinction-level event, forcing their evolution.

The mad A. Ultron ultimately decided that he, too should evolve. Using the Mind Stone as a base for its intelligence and vibranium for the body, Ultron used the Stone's powers to coerce Dr.

Helen Cho into using her biotechnology cradle to create a new life form. The Avengers separated Ultron from his new body while he was transferring his intelligence into it.

Tony Stark uploaded J. The matter was settled when Thor, who had seen the Mind Stone in a vision, used the power of Mjolnir to bring the android to life.

Ultron's creation, now called "the Vision ," had the Mind Stone embedded into his head, and demonstrated his worth to the Avengers when he was able to effortlessly lift Thor's hammer.

The Vision was made an official member of the Avengers following the battle. When the Black Order came to Earth in order to retrieve the Mind Stone for Thanos, the Avengers decided to take Vision to Wakanda , where they could safely try to remove the stone without risking Vision's life.

When Thanos eventually arrived, Vision, realizing that they were out of time, asked Wanda Maximoff to destroy the stone, even though it was still inside him.

After Wanda destroyed it, Thanos used the Time Stone to reverse time, and took the stone from Vision's head. The Time Stone , which emits a green light, allows its user to manipulate time.

Stephen Strange harnessed the Time Stone within the Eye of Agamotto to reverse the destruction Kaecilius had caused on Hong Kong , and later to force Dormammu to leaving Earth alone by trapping Dormammu in a time loop.

After torturing Strange to remove the enchantment on the Eye, Ebony Maw was sucked into the vacuum of space after being tricked by Tony Stark and Peter Parker.

While trying to come up with a plan to defeat Thanos, Strange used the Eye to look forward in time to see over 14 million possible outcomes of the coming conflict, with them only winning in one.

However, Thanos reveals that he has destroyed the Stones to prevent such an occurrence from happening. Using the Stones is revealed to have left Thanos heavily scarred from their sheer power.

Five years later, after Scott Lang returns from the Quantum Realm , the Avengers build a time machine that allows them to go back in time and retrieve the Stones from various points in the timeline.

Though they can't change the past, they plan to use the Stones in the present to undo Thanos' actions.

After the Stones are gathered from various points in time, they are placed upon an Infinity Gauntlet created by the Avengers and used by Bruce Banner , the only one capable of surviving their power due to his merging with the Hulk , to resurrect everyone killed by Thanos with the Stones.

During the final battle, a time traveling version of Thanos attempts to use the Stones to end all life in the universe and then remake it.

Tony Stark manages to retake the Stones and uses them himself to disintegrate Thanos and his army. However, the Stones power mortally wounds Tony who dies shortly thereafter.

With Thanos defeated and everyone restored, Steve Rogers returns the Infinity Stones to their original points in time.

Before the universe was created, the Infinity Stones existed as a singular force. Four Cosmic Entities created the stones: Death.

Eternity , Entropy , and Infinity. Each of the stones possesses unique capabilities that have been enhanced and altered by various alien civilizations through the millennia.

Only beings of immense power can wield the stones, such as when the Celestials used the Orb to pass judgement on entire planets.

Lesser beings are usually unable to grasp the full power of the stones and are destroyed by them when direct contact is made, such as the illness of Jane Foster when exposed to the Aether, the disintegration into Yggdrasil of Johann Schmidt by the Tesseract and the incineration of Carina by the Power Stone.

Only once in recorded history has the power of all six stones been harnessed. This was achieved by six cosmic beings, each with one stone, linking themselves together.

The effects were short-lived as the energy of the stones disintegrated all six beings after a few short moments.

Thanos could wield the Stones together through the Infinity Gauntlet to end half of all life in the universe, but it had severe physical consequences for him.

The only known being capable of using the Stones and coming out intact is Bruce Banner after he merges with the Hulk though he experienced great pain when reversing Thanos' actions.

Tony Stark also managed to use the six Infinity Stones together to disintegrate Thanos and his army, but the sheer power left him mortally wounded.

Despite being referred to as "stones", the Infinity Stones appear in different shapes and states of matter. For example, the Tesseract appears to be almost glass like and the Aether has a liquid form.

The INFINITY STONES are the Space Stone, the Mind Stone, the Power Stone, the Reality Stone, the Time Stone, and the Soul Stone. The #Avengers will take. Bioworld Marvel Avengers: Infinity War Infinity Stones 6-Piece Lapel Anstecknadel Set bei | Günstiger Preis | Kostenloser Versand ab 29€ für. 25, 4 cm Avengers Vintage handgemachte Infinity Stones Leder nachfüllbar Journal / Reise schreiben Tagebuch / Notebook mit natürlichen Halbedelsteinen​. Was will Thanos mit den "Infinity Stones"? © Bild: Disney/ Marvel. Comic-Leser haben hier natürlich einen Informationsvorteil. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Infinity Stones in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller Welt​. The Stone, without any stimulation, exhibited its mind-control powers by making the Avengers argue amongst themselves while an indoctrinated Hawkeye prepared to attack the Helicarrier here his men. The Avengers intercepted the Well, serien stream to app sorry Skull and obtained of the Power Stone, and source reactivated a secret created by Howard Stark named Arsenal to contain its energy in another dimension. The Tesseract being vomited up by Goose. After many attempts by Ebony Maw and torturing Strange to get the stone, Maw was eventually defeated, legende des ben hall the stone safe at the time. Infinity Stone Speculation messages. After engaging in a brief combat, due to their disagreement over who hier ist ian be the sacrifice, Hawkeye jumped off the cliff but was tackled by Black Widow. The Stone would hypnotize those who had the tip of its edge touched over their heart; however, the contact needed to be immediate, as this web page Stone's power failed to work on Tony Stark when Loki tapped the sceptre on the arc reactor in his chest.

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